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Barcode Solutions Limited (A member of Topgy Group); the pioneer and foremost Barcode and Labeling technologies consultant in Nigeria and the Exclusive agent of THARO SYSTEMS – US, DATAMAX PIONEER – US, and SATO, SINGAPORE was established to advise and assist organizations on the application of barcodes, Label Printers, Barcode Scanners and Readers, RFID, Ribbon and other related Barcode accessories to solve organization global problems ranging from Inventory management, Material management, Consumer packaged goods, Small item marking, Check-in/check-out, Identification of chemical production, Direct store delivery, Retail pharmacies, Unit dose packaging, Patient safety prevention, Laboratories – automated data collections, Healthcare materials management, Automated dispensing, Prescription vial labeling, Point-of-sale, Specialty retail, Payment processing, Receipt printing. Postal/parcel barcoding, Supply chain management, Warehouse management, Tools/assets management, Book labeling for library, Employee/visitor identification, Parking tickets, Hotels management, Airline management and Shelf labeling.
Bar coding, a form of keyless data entry facilitating automatic identification and data collection (commonly referred to as Auto ID), is not just for grocery stores anymore. The familiar stripes are popping up in new and unusual places such as doctors’ offices, law firms, post offices, retail stores, security applications, and rental cars. Bar coding and related technologies have been used in manufacturing companies for shipping and receiving operations for more than 30 years. But even in these more traditional settings, bar code applications have spread throughout the enterprise to include warehousing, accounting and customer service functions, time and attendance, and package delivery, as well as the assembly line operation itself. MORE
Improved Data Accuracy
Improved data accuracy is the single most common motivation for implementing a bar code system. Often the backbone of operations, data entry enables a company to produce accurate reports and predictions about future needs and actions. With data entry playing such a critical role in a company's operations, it is important to identify the extent to which data entry errors are tolerated.